scuba diving courses - rescue diver

Scuba diving courses in Kent Many divers look back on this scuba diving course as one of the most enjoyable and rewarding they have undertaken.

The course focuses on developing your own dive skills to a more professional level where you learn to assist other divers in an emergency and help to prevent accidents occurring. By nature this diving course is demanding but realistic in its conduct and content, it is a serious rescue course that encourages divers to take a flexible approach to problem solving.

All participants are guaranteed a great time and will have fun developing their skills with friendly and supportive staff.


  • Students must have completed 20 logged dives before the start of the dive course.
  • The course goals are to increase diver safety, develop diversí abilities to anticipate and prevent problems, teach effective rescue techniques and expand diver knowledge in preparation for further scuba diving courses such as Divemaster.
  • A number of skills will be completed in the confines of a pool first.
  • Rescue scenarios are then carried out in open water.
  • Our scuba diving instructors ensure mastery of each skill before progressing to the next level so the diving course is structured to the individual or group.


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