scuba diving courses - PADI seal team

PADI scuba diving courses in Kent A very different kind of Kids Party! Children are given the opportunity to swim around underwater and have fun! This is an exciting activity-filled introduction to the world of scuba diving. We provide a structured program where kids develop skills, gain confidence and learn about life underwater whilst enjoying themselves and preparing for further adventure.

Getting Kids on the Team

To become official members of the PADI Seal team, kids must undertake the first five of 15 Aqua Missions.

Finishing Aqua Missions 1-5 is equivalent to completing the skills in confined water dive one from the Open water Diver Course and means the youngsters become PADI Seal Team members.


  • Aqua Missions last 1.5 to 2 hours with at least 45 minutes in the water.
  • The course takes place in a shallow pool that students can initially stand up in.
  • All equipment is supplied.
  • The minimum age is 8 years old.
  • Our scuba diving instructors are friendly and prepared to spend time with Students.
  • PADI Seal Team members receive a membership card and wall certificate.
  • Members have access to the web site for young divers.
  • PADI Seal Team members receive their own Aqua Mission Logbook.


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