scuba diving courses - open water diver

Scuba diving courses in Kent One of the most popular scuba diving courses that teaches divers the fundamental skills required to dive safely with a buddy, independent of supervision.

Once qualified you will be able to scuba dive world wide, to a depth of 18 metres and experience the wonders the ‘Deep Blue’ has to offer.

This is truly a life changing experience that requires commitment to supported home study, Pool Dive skills and Open Water Diving. The reward for the effort invested is the opportunity to see some of the worlds most beautiful and exhilarating sites. At the same time you will have fun, adventure, visit new places and meet different people.

We are very flexible with regard to the structure of this scuba diving course allowing students to complete it in a time frame to suit them. Therefore the course could take place over a long weekend providing home study is completed previously or over several weeks in the evenings. It’s up to you!


  • Diving courses are paced for the individual and start in a shallow pool that students are able to stand in.
  • All equipment is supplied with a purchase option on completion of the course.
  • The minimum age is 15 (10 for Junior Divers).
  • Our scuba diving instructors are experienced, friendly and prepared to invest time with students to achieve a competency level acceptable to both student and instructor.
  • The course is structured around Five Pool Dives and Four Open Water Dives and can be programmed around students’ time constraints.
  • Open Water dives take place in a local lake, at sea or abroad depending upon student preference.


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